Medical Devices: Aggregate readings into a single database from weight scales, blood pressure readers, blood glucose meters and more.

Mobile Applications: Build patient adherence applications by tracking mobile SMS text messages and smart phone application output.

Web Applications: Leverage Djmongo as your database across multiple web applications. Easily query Djmongo for results in JSON or Excel.


Djmongo- is web-based tool that provides a user interface to MongoDB and makes it easy to construct RESTful APIs on top of MongoDB. Djmongo adds capabilities to MongoDB including the ability to save searches, automate aggregations, and access to database search results in CSV. Djmongo is open source. Use it on your premises or let us host it for you within Amazon Web Service (AWS) Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2). Learn how to operate your own private Djmongo server in the cloud.

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Consulting – Need help going from plan to action? Perhaps we can help. Videntity develops custom solutions using Django, Bootstrap, Jquery, and other technologies.

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