Last weekend I participated in a code-a-thon sponsored by Health 2.0 and Kaiser Permanente. The goal was to develop applications that help fight obesity.

My team maters were Mark Scrimshire, Kerese Wright, and Simon Last. We developed a small application that provided “less bad” suggestions at fast food chains. For example, you might be going to McDonald’s and thinking about the Big Mac. Less Bad will let you know that the Big Mac has 593 calories and that better options might be the cheese burger with 313 calories or the hamburger with 265 calories. The application works in both a web browser or via SMS mobile text message interface.

Check out this screen shot

Less Bad Screen shot of a healthier option than the Big Mac

We took 3rd place and won $1,000. This was Mark’s brainchild and we plan to continue work on this application as time permits.